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“The world exists because books exist”

The book is a part of my history, my roots. The book is a symbol of different eras, the symbol of a people. The recovered book, the treasured book, the preserved book, the burnt book, the uncovered book, the dreamt book, the buried book… To be able to say: “I am in the book. The book is my universe, my country, my home and my riddle. The book is my breath and my calmness. I wake up with an opening page and drift into sleep with a closing page. I will evoke the book and provoke the questions. If God is, it is because he is in the book. If the saints and profets exist, if erudites and poets exist, it is because we find their names in the book. The world exists because the book exists; because existing is growing with one’s own name”.


The Book of Questions – Edmond Jabes


I choose the book, convinced that the future of humanity does not lie in the warrior, but within the book.


Myriam Jawerbaum


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